Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Dreamer? What is your Status?

The start of a new year has passed.   In our professional and personal world we use this time of year to think/plan ahead on where or what we may want to accomplish in the upcoming year.  The first part of trying to figure out where we are going is determining where we are.  What is your status?  In Facebook and Twitter we want to tell others of our status in our personal life, but do we tell others or even really tell ourselves what our professional, business or financial status really is.  Working as a Business Broker in Florida, understanding our prospective clients current status and goals are one of the first steps in the somewhat  long process of buying or selling a business.

Your Business Status

Are you happy with your status?  Are you better off this year than last year?  Did you start that business you wanted to start, get a new job, buy a business, sell a business, retire… ?

It is said when planning  “How do you know if you got there if you dont know where you were going.”   But preceding this above-mentioned planning tenet is the need to know where you are starting from.

A person wanting to start a business or buy a business and has $1,000,000 in the bank will plan to start or buy that business different than a student that just graduated from college and owes $40,000 in college loans and $0 in the bank.  It’s always a good time to plan ahead – it’s almost 2011.  What is your status?

1. Working for a wonderful boss and company and love my job.

2. Own my own business and business is good and look forward to continuing my success.

3. Own a struggling business and barely hanging on. Want to sell my business and do something else.

4. Retired, happy, plenty of financial resources.

5. Retired, very little money, thinking I need to get a part-time job.

6. Just getting out of college worried that I cant find a job.

7.  Working in a dead end job, want to quit and start my own business.

8. Want to start my own business but have no money to do so, nor know how to get such money.

9.  Working in a job I hate want to find another job.

10.  Have a great idea for a new business but too afraid to take the next step.Business Status

11.  Own a successful business thinking about selling it to pursue other business challenges.

12. Work from home a few hours a week and make more than enough money to live and do what I want.  Is this anyone’s status?

13. Hate my job, hate my boss, hate my commute, underpaid, just want to scream!

14. Sold my business made lots of money but starting a new business.

15. In business with family or friend, and now hate my family or friend.

16. Have a friend that is making a lot of money on the internet, I want to try same,  but don’t think I have the time.

17. Just got laid off my job.

18. Been out of work for 6-12 months and no good prospects.

19. Want to sell my business but don’t think now is a good time to do that.

20. Nothing is going well for me but today – will make changes to improve my status.

21.  My status????   ITS COMPLICATED.

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